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Sensual Fur Massage

How to Enjoy Sensual Fur Massage
 by Cécile Horne

Fur Massage Is Sensuous

Massage with fur brings out the purest pleasure and instills deep relaxation in your partner. While traditional massage requires strong tissue rubs and technical expertise, Fur Massage stirs the imagination and highlights the erotic nature of touch. Massage with fur won’t tire you out and doesn’t require strength and stamina but is more a celebration of the senses and body. Release the tension and stress while enjoying your partner’s response to your touch. With the silky touch of fur, you will soon learn to stimulate the most sensitive and responsive parts of their body. Hearing your partner purring with pleasure awaiting your next soft stroke is the essence of Sensual Fur Massage.

Fur Massage is sensuous and can easily become erotically supercharged and sexual with the right approach. Touching and stimulating the skin is one of the simplest yet most satisfying experiences in the world. The desire to touch and receive affection is the foundation of all relationships and is the source of great pleasure for both men and women. Anything that can be done with your hands feels even more incredible when using a Fur Glove. The sensation of fur is unmatched for stimulating the skin and adding an element of seduction. Enjoying your partner lost in sensual bliss is what makes Fur Massage so special.

Performed in holistic spas and Tantra sex clinics worldwide, Fur Massage has been seen as relaxation therapy and to enhance sexual relationships since ancient times. It is important to use top quality fur. Otherwise, using faux fur or inferior quality fur simply doesn’t feel good and, even worse, can produce a rash or break up during massage.


Connect With Your Partner Through Sensual Tantra Massage

The experience of giving and receiving pleasure creates a lasting intimacy that enhances your entire relationship. By pampering your partner with a Fur Massage, you express your attraction and affection better than you ever could with words. Everyone appreciates special attention and sensual massage is the perfect foreplay to incredible sex.

The skin is the largest organ in the body and by stimulation through Fur Massage, the whole body relaxes and becomes open to an intense sexual awakening. Most women prefer not to have their genitals touched until they are aroused. Profound pleasure results when her entire body is waiting for your next stroke with a Fur Glove. Naturally both of you will soon desire to explore which strokes excite each other most passionately.

Sensual Massage is based on the ideals of Tantra to deepen intimacy with your partner. Through sharing massage and experiencing stimulation of the senses together, your energy flows become recharged. Sensual Fur Massage is a holistic therapy to achieve physical and mental satisfaction while enhancing the feeling of overall well being. Being sexual and enjoying touch is a basic need in all people. Sensual Fur Massage releases sexual energy and allows you to reach the Tantric levels of inner and outer peace and connectedness with each other.


Set The Mood
  • Create a romantic mood by lighting candles or dimming the lights. Draping sheer fabric over lamps gives a gentle glow to the room.
  • Soft music lends a romantic feel and drowns out ambient noise.
  • Select a Fur Glove by the type of feel that you’ll both enjoy. Mink is silky smooth when massaged with the fur direction and then textured brushing against the fur grain. Chinchilla is extremely soft and silky, almost indescribably sensuous. The extra long slightly coarse fur of Fox makes for a decadent massage. For a velvety soft feel, try Rex Rabbit. Textured and silky but a bit coarse, Rabbit and Coyote are good choices. Sable is silky and very airy and has the image of the ultimate in luxury.
  • Oil and lubricants should not be used with your Fur Glove. They’re not necessary as fur naturally glides smoothly over skin. Save oils for after your Fur Massage.
  • Tie on a Fur and Silk Mask for heightened sensory awareness. Not knowing where you'll caress next, your partner will be shivering with exquisite anticipation. Blocking out light allows your partner to fully concentrate on the sensation of massage.
  • Rest your partner’s head on a Fur Pillow and slip a smaller one under their knees when lying on their back. While lying on the stomach, slide the Fur Pillow under the hips and ankles for comfort and support. They’ll feel absolutely pampered.

Tools for Fur Massage


Fur Massage Glove

Indulge in the ultimate pleasure with a Fur Massage Glove handmade with the finest Mink, Chinchilla, Sable, Fox, Coyote and Rex Rabbit.
Click here for description of furs.

Full Fur Massage Glove

The best of both worlds for Massager and Massagee! Tailored inside and outside with soft fur so both of you can indulge in the full experience of erotic fur massage. Outside is covered is silky Mink or Fox fur while the massager's hand nestles inside plush and velvety soft Rex Rabbit!

Mink Eye Mask

Mink Eye Mask blocks out all light and lets your partner’s imagination run wild while she anticipates your next soft caress.

Fur Pillows

Ultra luxurious Chinchilla, Mink, Fox or Rex Rabbit Fur Pillow adds an incredibly smooth touch against bare skin. Unmatched softness.


Simultaneous Massage Play

For a sensual interactive experience, both partners face each other and slowly stroke Fur Gloves over their bodies. Start with your chests and shoulders and then turn around for a head-to-toe approach. Simultaneous Fur Massage is a wonderful act that brings you spiritually closer to your partner and allows you both to delight in watching each other being pleasured.  Both partners can enjoy the massage experience together as they go from light teasing caresses to broad stimulating strokes.


Sensual Fur Massage

Fur Massage is an unmatched sensory experience. No messy oils or sticky creams are needed as fur glides smoothly over skin. The contact of tactile fur with skin creates an electrical charge that brings a blushing glow to the skin and leaves a delicious tingling feeling. Sensual massage can become erotic when you bring your partner to a high state of arousal. Try Fur Massage on different parts of the body to incite or cool down their arousal.

Sensual Fur Massage can be an indulgence in stimulating your partner’s body or can lead to Erotic Fur Massage, which is more sexual. You two can decide if you want to keep the massage more sensual or include the genital areas for an erotic experience.

Start by trailing the tips of the fur over your partner's back and then pass the Fur Glove lightly over the legs and arms. Continue with these teasing gliding caresses on the shoulders and arms. If you feel tenseness in the shoulders, use the thumb of the Fur Glove to press harder. The warmth from the fur will help loosen the muscles while the fur stimulates the skin. Brush the fur lightly over the face and use the Fur Glove’s fingertips to massage your partner's temples. Don’t forget to stroke the back of hands and soles of feet in soft circles as these areas are highly sensitive and receptive to light touches. Varying strokes of the Fur Glove with a rhythmic pattern and proceeding from long gliding strokes to a deeper harder pressing rub will create an aura of languorous sensuality that builds into erotic anticipation. Let the natural stimulation and silkiness of the fur bring an all-over tingle to your partner’s body.

Once your partner’s body relaxes and settles into the rhythm of long light strokes gliding smoothly over their body, you can gently massage the buttocks with small circles and back and forth strokes. If you’re also naked, pressing your warm body onto their back will make them feel both vulnerable yet secure with the feeling of your body holding them into place. Don’t rush to Erotic Fur Massage and keep the pace slow and sensuous. The electric charge created by the Fur Glove and your movements will start the buildup of sexual energy.  


Sensual Touching Becomes Erotic Fur Massage

Explore the contours of the body with long slow strokes over the back and legs evolving to harder probing strokes on the shoulders and arms. The skin will be so attuned to touch, your light kisses will send delicious shivers down their spine. Your partner will be in the moment now and ready for more intimate touching. Motion for your partner to turn onto their back and begin massaging the arms and hands. Kneel beside your partner or make it more intimate by sitting astride them so they can feel your hot skin and body movements. Move to the legs and give long slow strokes. Avoid immediately rushing to the breasts and neck. Linger for a while appreciating their whole body before moving onto intimate areas. When you sense they have given into the sensation of the fur, pay special attention to the breasts and lightly stroke the nipples and undersides. Both men and women’s breasts are erogenous zones and the feeling of the fur being played in circles will arouse their wilder senses.

Now slide the fur down to legs, brushing the genitals, on your way to the feet. Use the tips of the fur to tickle the tops of the feet and between toes. Move back over the legs and tease your partner by brushing the inner thighs. This will produce an amazing erotic feeling. While focusing on the genital area, you should also make slow sweeping passes over the body. This will create an overall stimulation and bring a hot blush to the skin as your partner becomes more aroused. Change the rhythm to keep your partner’s body poised with anticipation.  

By using your MinkgLove.com Fur Glove to stimulate the breasts and genitals, you two are sure to reach the heights of ecstasy. Have fun and enjoy!


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