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Animal Welfare

We take Animal Welfare very seriously. All of our furs are from ranched animals, unless otherwise indicated. We do not use any fur from species listed under CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. All fur is sourced from countries which are parties to CITES and no fur is from endangered or threatened species. Our vision for MinkgLove.com is to not only bring pleasure to our customers, but also to work exclusively with fur from animals that were treated as humanely as those used for food production, such as leather from cows.

Bi-Products of the Fashion and Food Industries

MinkgLove.com hand selects furs based on quality of texture and touch and not only for their optical looks. For mink, chinchilla, sable, fox and coyote fur, this means we tailor our products from furs with minor optical flaws or from furs leftover from the fashion industry, which otherwise would have been discarded or left indefinitely in storage because the amount of fur is too little to make a fashion item. These bi-products from the fashion industry originate from Scandinavia, Russia, Canada, and the United States. Our skilled tailors turn these top quality remnants into fur plates so that any optical flaws are hidden. You can be assured that our fur still retains its luxurious feel and fashion quality looks through the ingenious stitching of our tailors. Rabbit and rex rabbit furs are bi-products from the food industry and come from China and Spain, where the rabbit meat is used for food consumption. No animals are killed just to make our products.

Certificates of Origin

MinkgLove.com uses furs from farms that act in conformance to international standards and laws. We are well aware that abusive practices exist and make a point to only use fur from regulated farms. We do not use furs that come from doubtful sources and work only with furriers that provide certificates of origin from fur farms. We are pleased to enclose a copy of the relevant certificate with your order, just ask at checkout.

Fur farmers have a vested interest in keeping their animals content so that the fur quality is plush and healthy. As anyone who raises animals knows, including pet owners, the condition of an animal's coat is a key indicator of its well being. Animals from regulated farms are fed a balanced nutritional diet to create top quality fur. Not only is their diet controlled but temperature and surroundings are all maintained to make sure the animal is kept healthy and inhumane condition.

Laws and Regulations

The American Veterinary Medical Association describes Animal Welfare as "... a human responsibility that encompasses all aspects of animal well-being, including proper housing, management, nutrition, disease prevention and treatment, responsible care, humane handling, and, when necessary, humane euthanasia." Allanimals raised for food, fur, and/or fiber should have their basic needs and experience no unnecessary suffering in providing for human needs.

Fur farming is well regulated in the North America and the European Union (EU) at both the national and EU level to ensure the highest standards of care. EU Council Directive 98/58 covers the welfare of all farmed animals, including fur farmed animals. Directive 93/119 deals with the killing of fur and other farmed animals. Fur farming is also covered by the common market organization established by Regulation 827/68. The Council of Europe adopted a Recommendation in 1990, revised in 1999, to ensure the health and welfare of farmed fur animals. The text was developed with input from EU Member States, veterinarians, animal welfare groups and farmers’ organizations. The Recommendation serves as the base for legislation on fur farming at national level and contains provisions on housing, stockmanship and inspection, management, research, killing methods, and equipment. It is designed to ensure the health and welfare of the fur farmed species it covers, namely mink, polecat/ferret/fitch, red fox, arctic fox, coypu/nutria, chinchilla and finn raccoon. Its requirements have been included in the European Fur Breeders Association Code of Practice. In the United States and Canada, fur farmers follow strict Codes of Practice to conform to state and provincial laws as well as national animal welfare and other regulations.


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