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Pink Rex Rabbit Bikini Underwear Thong & Silk Lined
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Which Fur Should I Choose?

Fur massage is a form of touch therapy, one of the most proven and ancient systems of healing. Performed in holistic spas and Tantra sex clinics worldwide, Fur Massage is a wonderful relaxation therapy to ease and stimulate the body and is excellent to enhance and even revive sexual relationships.

We are strong supporters of using only ranched fur and would never use any fur from species listed under CITES. We know exactly the grade and origin of our fur - we have to because we tailor our products solely with top grade premium quality fur. So far, we've only seen other stores using low grade deteriorated or cheap furs or, even worse, furs of unknown origin that could be from endangered species. Some stores even try to sell gloves made with used furs from old coats. Well, we certainly wouldn't want some stranger's ratty old dirty coat being rubbed on us! What's more important, as fur has direct contact with your delicate skin, we can only recommend that you choose premium fashion fur and never poor quality furs. Otherwise, inferior quality fur simply doesn’t feel good and, even worse, can produce a rash or break up during massage.

We've had great feedback on all of our Fur Massage Gloves. Here's a chart to help you choose the perfect glove:


Type of Fur
Price Range
Soft & Velvety
 Silky Smooth &
Slightly Scratchy
Plush & Textured
$79 and under

Rabbit & Hare



$89 to $199

Rex Rabbit

Mink Strips

 Kit Fox & Coyote

$209 and up


Mink & Sable


Each type of fur has been selected for its ultra-stimulating sensations during massage:

MINK has dense soft underfur and short silky guard hairs, a beautiful lightweight fur with a naturally lustrous sheen. Mink has a very special feeling and offers a variety of different sensations, depending on which direction you caress with the Mink Glove. With the fur direction, the feeling is an incredible silky smooth experience. The opposite direction will create a delicious gentle scratching feeling, leaving your skin absolutely tingling with anticipation and delight.  Make your partner feel like 007 with a silky smooth Mink Massage Glove - James Bond's sexiest weapon ever!
MINK STRIPS are created from small pieces of mink stitched together by hand. The fur is carefully sewn to face one direction to stimulate the skin to a heightened state of sensitivity and pleasure. Great for an intense tingling massage!

CHINCHILLA is “the fur of angels” and is the softest fur in the world and its and triple tone color has an  unsurpassed natural beauty. Weighing the same as silk, the ultra light fur is one of the most prized, rare, and valuable furs and has historically been reserved for royals and aristocrats. The ultimate erotic massage glove that will leave your partner aching for just one more caress...
SABLE is the ultimate in luxury and is the most prized and expensive fur in the world, renowned for its legendary silky quality, rarity, and light weight. Indulge in the most sexiest & decadent massage for supreme pleasure!
REX RABBIT is "nature’s velvet". The extremely soft and fine fur is like an airy powder puff tantalizing your skin with gentle caresses. Rex Rabbit is a unique and valuable fur closely resembling chinchilla or sheared mink. Wonderful for a sumptuous and velvety massage that makes the skin glow warm with pleasure!
RABBIT & HARE are thick yet fluffy and brushing your hand across the fur creates the sensation of airy velvet. Soft rabbit fur is an affordable yet luxurious gift for an exciting and sexy massage experience!
FOX has plush and lustrous soft long hairs. Broad strokes with oversized Fox Gloves leave a tingling and incredibly stimulating feeling for a totally exotic and sensuous massage!
COYOTE has long, slightly coarse fur to instantly stimulate the skin and leaves a tingling afterglow. Excellent for a wild feel of all over stimulation to bring a hot blush to the skin!

Who Enjoys Fur Massage – Do Celebrities?

YES! Fur is at its height of popularity and is seen in all the top fashion and celebrity magazines.

007 James Bond employed a mink glove as the ultimate “weapon” to seduce prim and proper masseuse Patricia Fearing in the movie Thunderball. After finally succumbing to Bond’s amorous advances, Patricia sighs “Any time, any place” to which Bond retorts, “Another time, another place.” Molly Peters still relishes the memory of her mink massage. "It was totally mesmerizing and almost sent me into a trance!" she described the sensual fur massage by Sean Connery wielding a mink glove. "I may have been acting but, believe me, it felt as good as it looked!" See the pictures below.

I’m Right Handed and My Partner Is Left Handed. Can the Double Sided Glove Be Worn On Both Right and Left Hands?

Yes! Our Double Sided gloves are designed so you can switch hands. Double Sided gloves also enhance the massage experience as you can use one side for a downward stroke and then flip your hand/glove over for the upward stroke for nonstop stimulation.

What is the Difference Between Silk/Satin Lining and Fur Lining?

Our customers have reported that silk/satin is a comfortable and breathable material. Gloves lined in fur can be a rewarding massage experience for both massager and massagee and we offer Full Fur gloves lined inside and out in luxurious soft fur.

How Do I Care For My Fur Glove?

Treat your glove to air circulation. If you prefer to keep it in a bag, choose either one of our luxurious silk-bags or a loosely woven cloth bag.

  • Furs like cold and should be kept away from heat and chemicals.

  • To preserve the lustrous sheen, do NOT spray perfume or oil on fur or use any creams.

  • For best cleaning results, gently spray non-scented baby powder over fur and then shake out.

  • If the fur gets wet, hang it up in a cool place and air dry.

  • Do not crush or mothproof fur.

  • You only need to shake your glove gently to re-fluff the fur and should not comb or brush fur.

Is My Glove Top Quality?

Yes! We inspect each handmade glove for quality and craftsmanship. Remember that your fur glove can be used over and over as long as you avoid oils. We tailor with top quality fur as only the best should touch your skin.

What Size Is the Standard Glove?

Fur Gloves are unisex. The standard size is approximately 10” (255 mm) long by 5 1/2” (140 mm) wide and fits most hand sizes of both men and ladies. However, if you need a different size, we would be happy to custom make a glove just for you. Please contact sales@minkgLove.com with your request.

Are Furs From Endangered or Threatened Species?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. We do not use any fur from species listed under CITES, the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. All fur is sourced from countries which are parties to CITES. Whenever you purchase fur, check if the species is listed under http://www.cites.org/eng/disc/species.shtml. Our products are produced from top-quality furs that were left-over or bi-products from the fashion and food industry and otherwise would have been discarded. No animals are killed because of our gloves. All of our furs are from ranched animals, unless otherwise indicated.

Why Do Prices Change Occasionally?

We purchase ranched fur in the finest Grade A quality. Massage quality fur must be of the best quality and texture and we hand select each fur. Fur prices fluctuate seasonally and also due to demand and only some furs will meet our high standards.


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